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TMB Highlights

Talent Meets Bertelsmann since 2008

Bertelsmann has been inviting top students from all over the world to the networking event TMB in Berlin ever since 2008. Every year, dozens of students from different countries get to know the media, services and education company from the inside and put their creative, data-driven and entrepreneurial talents to the test.

What do our talents say about TMB?

Creative assignment

Saruul Krause-Jentsch

“TMB is much more than just a recruiting event, it really IS a networking extravaganza. On the first day, Bertelsmann asked us to work on a creative task, which was a lot of fun and a great opportunity to get to know our team members.”


Jenny Dreier

“The workshop was intense and with a great team, we managed to develop a new concept for one of Bertelsmann’s business divisions to leverage the digital developments. Besides getting to know Bertelsmann as a company there were many opportunities to get to know the other participants as well as the media business in general.”


Sascha Firtina

“I enjoyed most how interactive the audience was. It was also good to see how interested the Board members of Bertelsmann were and how involved they got with our presentation and our questions.”

Networking and party

Raphaela Ring

“In enjoyed most that I got to meet people – fellow participants as well as Bertelsmann employees – who had similar interests but came from very different backgrounds. So, I think me and all of these different minds figuring out how I would fit into that world was really useful.”

What happens after TMB?

Our alumni share their career stories.

Theresa Rutscheidt

“After getting to know the open, creative and entrepreneurial culture of Bertelsmann at TMB, I felt even more enthusiastic to apply for the Future Leaders Graduate Program – and luckily, I got accepted and started my Bertelsmann journey just a few months after TMB!”

Sascha Firtina

“We came first in the competition at TMB, and right after the presentation one of Bertelsmann’s Board members approached me and asked me if I wanted to become his personal assistant. I got to know him and decided to decline an offer from Google to join Bertelsmann as his assistant in September 2016. It was one of the best times I have ever had. I learned a lot, traveled the world and got to know the media industry working for a really experienced CEO.”

Marcus Fetzer

“I finished my Master’s thesis with new enthusiasm because data was a topic of TMB and also of my thesis. After that, I started my traineeship at Gruner + Jahr."

Jana Fournier

“I participated in TMB in 2012. Afterwards, I finished my internship at careerloft in Berlin, then enjoyed the summer at my parents before writing my Master’s thesis in Montréal, Canada. During all that time I never lost contact with Bertelsmann, which was great for me, since I was looking to start a job right after my thesis.”

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