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The application period for TMB25 has not started yet. Please sign up for our reminder.

Talent Meets Bertelsmann

International networking event for AI enthusiasts in Berlin

Since 2008, Bertelsmann has invited hundreds of international students to Berlin for three summer days full of networking, workshops and community events. The talents work in interdisciplinary teams on exciting case studies around current topics such as AI. They also collaborate with experienced entrepreneurs on business challenges in the fields of tech & data and the media industry.

TMB will change what you expect from a networking event and will enable you to create your own career!

When and where?

June 24 – 26, 2024 in Berlin

The event takes place every summer at the Bertelsmann representative office “Unter den Linden 1” in Berlin. A virtual kick-off gives the participants the chance to get to know their fellow team members, the workshop hosts and the Bertelsmann team!

What TMB is all about

  1. Meeting fellow students from diverse backgrounds
  2. Case studies about media and tech & data, with a special focus on AI
  3. Presenting ideas to Board members
  4. Networking with Bertelsmann executives
  5. Becoming a member of our alumni community
  6. A party you won’t forget

Who are we looking for?

Innovative minds who

  • Reside in Europe and are enrolled in a university or college at the time of the event
  • Have a background in tech, data, management or media
  • Bring a tech, entrepreneurial or creative mindset and strong communication skills
  • Gained experience outside their course of studies

Workshop topics 2023


Sharing virality: Fractionalized investing within the influencer economy

Personality Rights

Forging new revenue streams for legacy artists in the digital era


Turning the page on carbon: Redesigning PRH's global supply chain

Circular Economy

A new "spin" on the supply chain for luxury fashion

Generative AI

Revolutionizing continuous education in the US for time-strapped physicians

Digital Retail

Building back brick & mortar by digitizing the offline shopping experience

More insights

Our talents‘ stories

Benedikt Dalkmann, TMB 2008

“Never before has the media, services and education industry been as exciting as it is today. Open-minded people with ideas and new perspectives have excellent career prospects at Bertelsmann. The event started my journey at Bertelsmann and I am thankful for the opportunities which TMB offered.”

Benedikt is currently CFO at Bertelsmann Education Group.

Cosima Gulde, TMB 2021

“TMB had a major impact on my career as it triggered my interest in blockchain and its use cases, topics I also focus on now during my work at Arvato Systems. Entrepreneurship, a key value of Bertelsmann, was also a major topic at TMB. I met inspiring people, many of whom I call my friends today. And some are even my colleagues.”

Cosima now works as an Innovation Consultant at Arvato Systems.


Xiaowei Zhang, TMB 2018

“TMB was a definite highlight during my master’s in Germany. The event was filled with inspirational ideas, great exposure to Bertelsmann and entrepreneurship. I am truly grateful for the internship opportunity at BMG Berlin as well as the interesting connections made through alumni events worldwide.”

Xiaowei now works as a Research and Intelligence Analyst at the Lufthansa Innovation Hub.

Sascha Firtina, TMB 2016

„When I applied for TMB, I thought I had signed up for a high-class student competition. Well, it turned out to be way more than that! I ended up making friends for life, meeting several new business partners and having a job in Gütersloh, impacting my career until today. As Executive Assistant to one of Bertelsmann’s Board Members, I had the unique opportunity to discover Bertelsmann inside out.”

Sascha is co-founder of GOCOMO GmbH in Berlin.


  • Application

    • What are the requirements for participating in Talent Meets Bertelsmann generally?

      At the time of the event, you must be an enrolled Bachelor, Master or MBA student, or a Ph.D. candidate in the field of data science (e.g. statistics, computer science or business analytics), business (e.g. economics or management) or creativity (e.g. humanities, media management or journalism). You need to provide proof of your proficiency in English, as the event will be held in English. You should also be enthusiastic about the media industry, entrepreneurial ideas and data.

    • Does it matter how far along I am in my studies?

      No. You are eligible to participate whether you are just beginning, in the middle or about to graduate. MBAs with some work experience are also welcome.

    • When is the application deadline?

      Applying for Talent Meets Bertelsmann 2024 was possible from March 11, 2024, until May 5, 2024.

    • When and how will I find out whether I’m among the top talents?

      Once we have reviewed all applications, applicants may be invited to the second round of the selection process, an asynchronous video interview held in English. Alternatively, one can opt for a phone interview. Those selected for participating in a video interview will be notified via e-mail. 

    • What is an asynchronous video interview?

      The asynchronous video interview is a virtual form of interview in which you, the applicant, are guided through a structured process, and you can choose when you want to start the interview. During the interview, you answer (text-based) questions in front of your webcam while being recorded. It is asynchronous because you complete the interview independently, at a time and place of your choice, without an interviewer asking the questions.

    • Why do an asynchronous video interview instead of a phone interview?

      A phone interview can only give a small glimpse into your skills and personality. You benefit greatly from the fact that we can get a more complete impression. Another advantage is your independence regarding time and place. For an asynchronous video interview, there is no need to spend a lot of time coordinating schedules for an initial appointment because it can be carried out when you and we are available, independently of each other.

      Of course, you can still opt to perform a telephone interview instead.

    • How is the protection of my data guaranteed?

      The security of your personal data is guaranteed at every point of the selection process. The software for the asynchronous video interviews meets the highest technical and organizational security standards.

      Access to the password-protected software is available only to relevant contact persons. Your data and your interview are protected from unauthorized access at all times.

    • What are the safety precautions with regard to the Coronavirus?

      With regard to safety measures concerning COVID-19, we reserve the right to require an official negative test for each day you participate in the event. In any case, we will observe the German Ordinance on Coronavirus Entry Regulations at the time of and during the event.


Do you have further questions? Get in touch with Niki Kalkanova.


Please note that we do not consider applications submitted by mail, fax or e-mail.

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