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Data Testimonials

Our working world is becoming ever more digital, and it is our mission to embrace the opportunities opened up by new technologies. Because of our global reach and different divisions, there is an immense variety of projects around data at Bertelsmann. Find out more about the importance of data science in the context of an international media, services and education company.

Minoo Zarbafi

Bertelsmann Investments

Why is data important for your division?

At Bertelsmann Investments, we invest in data-driven business models globally. While other Bertelsmann divisions focus on data science to optimize their processes, our main goal is stay close to the market and detect both (upcoming) digital market leaders, as well as state-of-the-art technology. We then feed successful examples and relevant trends back to our divisions. Example investments include the music streaming platform, NetEase, the fintech startup, Rupeek, the corporate training provider, Afferolab, and the sports portal, The Athletic.

How is data being applied in your division?

Within Bertelsmann Investments, we apply a data-driven approach to our investment decision-making. This involves frequent analysis of data, whether a company’s financials, data on their customer or user base, operational outcomes, or fundraising targets – there are sometimes even new metrics that must be devised to assess performance. Additionally, we pool data from our existing portfolio to spread information across the organization in a scalable and user-friendly way.

What role does data play in your job?

As Senior Vice President of Bertelsmann Investments and Head of Digital Partners, I regularly evaluate potential investment and partnership opportunities. I have a strong interest in how our own data – Bertelsmann data – can benefit our partners and vice versa. This involves finding creative ways to collaborate and integrate data across our investment and partnership ecosystem.

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